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Grand Design first opened its doors in November 1998 by hosting a master class of the most innovative Giorgetti author, Massimo Scolari. This authority of neoclassicism laid the foundation of a new approach to interior design in St. Petersburg a concept that united architects, designers, and journalists. Since its opening, organization of thematic lectures and seminars that expand the borders of business and create important informational events, has become the gallery mission. Grand Design is advancing a concept whereby interior is no longer considered an impersonal space, and offers a simple yet effective format of feedback between audience and manufacturers. A year after its opening, the gallery hosted an exposition of the Valcucine factory.

Gelleria Grand Design - 2000 .
This event demonstrated how innovative presentation of a new kitchen could become, and transformed exposition into a

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All Grands will visit us.

Ten years ago few people could think of a club for interior design interests and not just another luxury furniture boutique. In 1998 the Grand Design furniture gallery introduced the St. Petersburg public to exquisite Italian furniture brands as well as their authors.

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fine performance. The creativity in designing exposition of the Giorgetti factory made Grand Design a laureate of the FIDEXPO'1999 and 2000 awards in the top nomination High Class of Collection. Such installations denying utilitarian view on the living space were new for the St. Petersburg public. Grand Design was the first to unite an exquisite kitchen and presentation of the new Minotti collection. Performance Total look Minotti" in the "" restaurant gathered admirers of the chief brand designer Rodolfo Dordoni. The industrial era architect, author of showrooms for Dolce & Gabbana and Panasonic, and designer of Minotti brand couches gave a master class there. Since its opening ten years ago, Grand Design organized several interior design functions and continues to pioneer enterprises promoting high-end interior design in St Petersburg. This year the gallery hosted an educational seminar led by Abitare il Tempos chief designer, the passionate Veronese Carlo Amadori.

Grand Designs mission is to offer our clients the best possible service; therefore, we work only with reputable factories, and do not chase an expansion of the circle of partners. We personally know the owners of each factory, and carefully monitor technological and intellectual progress in their companies. This approach allows us to upgrade a cover on a clients couch or offer updated furniture accessories - things that would be impossible if working with mass-producers, - says Evgeniy Ageenko, owner of Grand Design. Each brand advertised by the gallery is world famous. Regardless of whether it is a factory with a sentinel history, such as Giorgetti, or production that started only 30 years ago, such as Flou, all of our partners are long-acknowledged authorities in the interior design market. Close collaboration with haute couture newsmakers allows gallery clients to learn first about upcoming changes in accessories, upholstery, or complex renovation of the furniture line at their favorite factory. Grand Design is much more than just a furniture store. It is a place where one can not only select furniture from the assortment or order it through a catalogue, but also, with the help of professional interior designers, assess how suitable it would be for your interiors and if it would become a perfect addition to the compound space.